January 16, 2018

Tags: Marketing, Team Building

When you hear the term “team building,” what comes to mind? You may have been tasked with putting together a “team building” workshop before and might not have been sure where to begin. Do you go with something fun? Something intellectual? Something involving sports? Or do you just take everyone out to eat and consider it done? The concept of “team building” is often met with an eye roll as people imagine a scenario where they are forced to take part in an event that may be fun, but doesn’t always result in a better functioning team. Unfortunately, this negative image of “team building” is one that is true far too often. However, you can create an event that your team will not only enjoy, but “everyone” will walk away with better insight as they build a consensus on a plan to move their team forward.

Backwards Bicycling, LLC was created because we saw a need for team building and communication programs that bring employees together as they work to solve the problems that are blocking their road to success. By incorporating the Lego® Serious Play® method, we facilitate constructive discussions that encourage creative thinking and engage everyone on the team – even the introverts. The process is about creating a level playing field and engaging the entire team by embracing the philosophy of “everyone builds, and everyone shares”.

Here are our top reasons for using team building and why, if used the right way, it is powerful:

  • A stronger, more effective work environment - When your employees respect and understand each other, productivity skyrockets. This is because there is more open communication that can include more constructive critiques, new suggestions, and improved dialogue. 

  • Embraces creativity – When we incorporate the Lego® Serious Play Method®, each team member uses the Bricks to build something unique and meaningful to them. The models they build are metaphors that represent concepts. This allows employees to get creative and come up with unique solutions to address the issues their team is facing.

  • Promotes team spirit - A good company culture is crucial to creating happy and more innovative employees. By allowing employees to build together, you are helping to create an enjoyable and memorable experience that connects them to the company and their co-workers in a positive way.

  • Creates respect between employee and company – Providing a team building exercise for your employees that focuses on genuine problem solving shows them that leadership genuinely values their opinions and individual roles on the team. When a company allows employees to openly share ideas, employees feel respected and valued, which has a positive impact on their relationship with their employer.

  • It really can be fun - Most important of all: when team building exercises are done with an inclusive approach, they are stress-free and FUN. This gives employees a chance to connect, laugh together, and reflect on their experiences in an enjoyable setting, where they are at ease and happy.

 While there are many more reasons why you should make time for team building in the workplace, these are some of the most important. When your team is enjoying an experience together while they are being constructive, you will have a well-oiled machine that is less prone to malfunctioning. Business growth isn’t only measured in dollars - improvements in company culture can be one of the biggest contributors to growth.

The Power of Team Building

The Power of Team Building, using Lego® Serious Play® method