A workshop with Backwards Bicycling, LLC is a great way for teams and organizations to plan strategies, problem solve, discuss business ideas, and explore personal development. Our workshops are designed to generate new thinking and creativity as participants navigate complicated issues. Whether you are interested in team building activities for work, job coaching, business coaching, or personal development we can design a custom workshop that meets your needs or choose from one of our standard workshops below:

  • Building Membership Through Leadership - Ideal for any membership-based organization, place of worship, or non-profit. Participants will explore each role in the organization as it relates to mission and brainstorm new strategies in communicating that mission to increase membership. Non-profit rates available.
  • Real-Time Identity Building - As Piaget said "You cannot present to others, what has not been presented to yourself" and this workshop will allow participants to thoroughly explore who they are and how their identity contributes to the development of a team. Participants walk away from this workshop with more insight into their own skills and values and a new understanding of their team and co-workers. It's a valuable workshop for new and restructured teams, educators, sales teams, and other groups that may need to gain a better understanding of each other to move forward.
  • Who is Our Customer? - Knowing your customer is crucial to business success and taking the time to explore that customer can be fun and eye-opening. This workshop allows your team to discuss their experiences in working with different customers, assess what went right and what went wrong, and develop a shared image of what customers need and expect from your business.
  • What's Our Mission Statement? - How many of your employees truly understand your mission statement or how it relates to each job at your organization? This workshop allows them to fully explore the meaning of your mission statement and how to incorporate it into their role in your business. Don't have a mission statement? Use this workshop to write one as a team. The perfect workshop for new, growing, and evolving businesses.
  • Vision Building - You've heard of vision boards and probably created one before. But what if you built your goals and visions with Lego Bricks instead of pictures. Vision Building workshops are a fantastic way for groups of people to connect and set goals as a team or a group of individuals. This is an ideal workshop for networking and community groups.
  • Public Speaking Primer - Not everyone is comfortable with public speaking, but all of us encounter a time when public speaking is necessary. This workshop will help your team conquer the fear of public speaking and gain a better understanding how to focus on their strengths and increase their confidence when speaking in front of a group. 
  • Congratulations! You're Engaged - Anyone who's planned a wedding knows how stressful it can be. Debates over flowers, music, venue, food, and guests can cause unnecessary stress during what should be a happy time. And with the price of a wedding, planning is more important than ever. This fun family workshop is designed for groups of two to six people and is a constructive way to get everyone on the same page about what kind of wedding makes the most sense for all involved. Makes a great engagement gift.
  • ​Building Bridges With Bricks - Designed to allow participants to move away from frustrating social media political arguments and explore current issues and values using a more constructive form of communication. Participants will focus on how political subjects like immigration, health care, the environment, and gun rights affect their core values without reducing the argument to debates over politicians and personalities.

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