"I really enjoyed learning more about myself and also my co-workers during the workshop. It was a great team building event led by Heidi. She created an environment which made me feel comfortable sharing areas of my life that others on my team may not have known. This was a lot of fun and a great learning experience! I would highly recommend a Backwards Bicycling workshop to other business professionals looking for a team building event!"

Glenn Akins, Summit Health and Wellness


"As much as training with Lego bricks already sounds great, Backwards Bicycling's team building event went even beyond my expectations in how much it engaged participating student professionals. I was surprised at how much staff opened up and communicated and how much their communication showed insight into the culture, values, and purpose of the enterprise/program. It was heartening to see others that normally are not expressive, express themselves in really creative ways. My staff were from six different functional teams and it was really bonding for them to get to know and see a shared vision and creative expression coming from members of different teams. Overall, the exercise was extremely affirming to me as a founder/owner. I would gladly have Heidi back to continue building a sense of unity and relationship in and between teams, to help recognize and solve issues, and generate creative ideas, solutions and communications."

Richard Hoover, Esq., Founder Agency Program, LLC

"I absolutely loved this! I'm someone who actually enjoys team building activities and training events so I was optimistic about this activity but I had no idea what to expect. I'm not someone who's good at building and creating with my hands so I was a bit nervous about that part. I found that everyone who attended the event was able to use their own unique perspective to create something tangible, but also create a way to tell a story. We all shared personal information with one another and realized things about ourselves that we might not have discovered without the prompts and activity challenges. I was impressed and surprised by the level of depth and communication that was reached. I definitely recommend it!"

Crystol Shelton Gerding, Health and Wellness Coach

"Heidi was incredibly effective in engaging our group in a true team discussion. The incorporation of the LEGO bricks into the workshop, put the team at ease while encouraging new ideas and creative thinking. Not only did we all enjoy the experience of building and sharing our ideas, we were able to focus our team on their own personal growth goals for 2017, which has made a difference for them and for our business."

Mark Priebe, Owner, Proximity Marketing

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