At Backwards Bicycling, we understand the value and opportunity that direct selling teams embrace. We value the role of individual business owners in the process and have designed a custom workshop just for direct selling teams.  As the leader of a team, you know the importance of truly understanding your "why", personal development, planning, and core identity. But these subjects are often difficult to explore in traditional discussions and meetings. We incorporate the LEGO® Serious Play® materials and methodology to engage participants and explore these topics on a deeper level. The result is a custom workshop that will bring your team together, inspire them to dig deep, and focus them on growing their business. Below are a few examples of workshops custom designed for direct selling teams:

  • Build Your Why - The "Why" is the first place we start in any business that requires us to truly be motivated towards success. Too often new coaches limit their thought process in exploring their "why" and don't fully understand what motivates them. When they build it, they dream it, and that "why" becomes a tangible goal that they can share with the team.
  • Real-Time Identity Building - As Piaget said "You cannot present to others, what has not been presented to yourself" and this workshop will allow participants to thoroughly explore who they are and how their identity contributes to the development of a team. Participants walk away from this workshop with more insight into their own skills and values and a new understanding of their team and what makes the leaders successful. It's a valuable workshop for new members, team veterans who may be going through a slump in sales, or those who just want to get to the next level.
  • Who is Our Customer? - Knowing your customer is crucial to business success and taking the time to explore that customer can be fun and eye-opening. This workshop allows your team to discuss their experiences in working with different customers, assess what went right and what went wrong, and develop a shared image of what customers need and expect from your team and the products they endorse.

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